Indie Game: Alt-Minds


Ever thought it would be neat to live Michael Douglas’ character in The Game? Experience a live-action game that consumes your life without knowing the outcome of your actions have been predetermined? Well, French developer Lexis Numerique and Orange don’t … Continue reading

The Worlds of David Cronenberg (Upcoming ARG)


‘The Worlds of David Cronenberg’: What Do We Know/What Can We Guess or Even the Voice Will Be Transformed   Where David Cronenberg goes, mutation follows. His body of work deals with horror of, and in, the body. In fact, … Continue reading

Transmedia: A Naive But Omnivorous Form


In one of the early talks at Tuesday’s Power to the Pixel Conference, Maureen McHugh, a writer who’s worked on high-profile transmedia campaigns including Halo’s I Love Bees, declared that, “transmedia is a naïve but omnivorous form.” Before I look … Continue reading