The Dark Side of Japan


  Creative production studio abstract:groove have put together a gorgeous looking promo for Yamaha, exploring The Dark Side of Japan. Through films we’ve all seen that underworld of tattooed yakuza, kanji written in neon lights, and street noodles.  If you’ve ever been to Japan … Continue reading

WASTE with Damian Groves

Waste JBTV

THE MONSTERS ARE AMONG US.  In your home, drinking your tap water, consuming your electricity, and munching on last week’s pizza in the fridge.   Or are we the monsters – was the other way around- or maybe I’m just a … Continue reading

SIGHT with Eran May-Raz


Here at JBTV we had the opportunity to e-interview Eran May-Raz, director of the Vimeo sensation SIGHT. The short film is a cautionary tale about an augmented future, were all menial tasks become games and trivial actions quantified and tallied up as … Continue reading

TWIN SHADOW: Five Seconds Forever

Twin S

I’m not writing about Twin Shadow’s Five Seconds because I think it’s a particularly appropriate article for JawboneTV.  I am writing about this music video because I have literally nothing else to post seeing that this is the only thing I have … Continue reading

Indie Game: Documentary Awesomeness

Indie Game: Fez :O

Stop whatever you’re doing (unless it’s driving) and watch Indie Game: The Movie…     I thought to leave the post at that. “Go watch this. There. Done. Writing’s fucking easy.” But I know you guys don’t trust me yet … Continue reading

Who Is Erica Wexler And How Is She Still Online?


Who is Erica Wexler and how is she still online? by Michael Newton Despite its association with fancy internet tech, transmedia has a simple heart. All that you have to do to ‘transmediate’ your project is combine different mediums, and … Continue reading

CLOUDS Documentary: Beta Version


In our last post about the RGBDtoolkit, we promised we would be on the lookout for a video that takes advantage of the dreamy glitchy effect created by depth sensing cameras, we just got our first catch. It’s a documentary called Clouds … Continue reading

Contributor Tim Palma on JBTV

Tim P

Michael and I are in MoMA.  We’ve met to speak about our strategy and goals as new team members of JawboneTV, sharing and developing ideas and synthesizing an approach, both practically and theoretically.  We bought a single coffee to share … Continue reading

UNCHARTED the Movies: A new way to experience games?

Uncharted Movie

What will these clever redditors come up with next? Morphinapg spent a month of his life recording and editing all three Uncharted games into a trilogy of movies, only including enough gameplay to maintain continuity and (to Naughty Dog’s credit) its damn … Continue reading



After being offline for almost a year now, JawboneTV is back with a new staff.  The mediascape has shifted quite dramatically since our last post.  The Hollywood industry seems to be struggling to keep its head above the water, making … Continue reading

The Worlds of David Cronenberg (Upcoming ARG)


‘The Worlds of David Cronenberg’: What Do We Know/What Can We Guess or Even the Voice Will Be Transformed   Where David Cronenberg goes, mutation follows. His body of work deals with horror of, and in, the body. In fact, … Continue reading

Russ Chimes’ Midnight Club: Creative Forces Collide for Music Video Trilogy


In an age defined by text-message shorthand and Chatroulette, the music video trilogy is a rare beast. But that didn’t stop British house-music producer Russ Chimes from hiring director Saman Keshavarz to shoot an epic three-parter to accompany his Midnight … Continue reading



OFFSET2010, Dublin’s creative festival returns this September/October for 8 days of events, exhibitions, screenings, club events and a massive 3 day conference at the spectacular Grand Canal Theatre featuring the world’s best talent in graphic design, street art, illustration, photography, … Continue reading