EIDOS: Augmenting Your Senses


Eidos began as a question:  How can we use technology to add value to the human body and extend human experience? The team that answered that question were Tim Bouckley, Millie Clive-Smith, Mi Eun Kim and Yuta Sugawara from the … Continue reading

ok glass, let’s see what you got

ok glass

  When it comes to Google Glass, there must be an opinion article to cover just about every extremist position possible.  A lot of the blogosphere seems to be confusing fantasy with reality, and generally misinforming the public on what … Continue reading



Imagine an open-source console, not an open-source game or program, but an actual TV video game console (though techies could surely pull off something similar with a pc) that went mainstream. A cheap, reliable piece of hardware that runs on … Continue reading

Comparing The First TV Commercials By Facebook, Twitter, And Google


Now that these three tech titans have all made a TV Commercial, let’s compare them! All of these commercials are targeted at first-time users, so we’re going to try and watch and react to them from that point of view. … Continue reading

From Coding To Stories


What can you expect when going to a Transmedia event? If you answered a lot of smart people in a room talking about the future of storytelling and the tools that will take us there, then you’d be spot on. … Continue reading

XOXO: A Few Meaningful Experiences

Screen Shot 2012-09-22 at 10.54.38 AM

I had walked all over Southeast Portland, and my lower back ached. Yet there I was, heading towards Ground Kontrol, a heaven of arcade games (Think Super Mario, Double Dragon, Street Fighter, and a hot mess of pinball variations), where … Continue reading

SIGHT with Eran May-Raz


Here at JBTV we had the opportunity to e-interview Eran May-Raz, director of the Vimeo sensation SIGHT. The short film is a cautionary tale about an augmented future, were all menial tasks become games and trivial actions quantified and tallied up as … Continue reading

Radical Creative Inclusion: Art in the Age of Information

photo image

Today’s artists have an endless amount of collaborative tools at their disposal. It’s a networked world we live in, and the affect this has on creative projects is only getting more and more noticeable. To me, the most impressive thing … Continue reading

Indie Game: Alt-Minds


Ever thought it would be neat to live Michael Douglas’ character in The Game? Experience a live-action game that consumes your life without knowing the outcome of your actions have been predetermined? Well, French developer Lexis Numerique and Orange don’t … Continue reading

CLOUDS Documentary: Beta Version


In our last post about the RGBDtoolkit, we promised we would be on the lookout for a video that takes advantage of the dreamy glitchy effect created by depth sensing cameras, we just got our first catch. It’s a documentary called Clouds … Continue reading

Google Glasses the Augmented Reality We’ve Been Waiting For?

Google Glass Tile

Patented on October 26 2011, Project Glass has yet to truly be unveiled to the public.  Since then we have only caught glimpses of what could be the future of augmented reality, starting with this photograph that was live taken … Continue reading

Contributor Tim Palma on JBTV

Tim P

Michael and I are in MoMA.  We’ve met to speak about our strategy and goals as new team members of JawboneTV, sharing and developing ideas and synthesizing an approach, both practically and theoretically.  We bought a single coffee to share … Continue reading

Kinecting the Dots…

Kinecting the Dots

When Microsoft launched the Kinect for the Xbox in 2010, they wanted it to be “hacked.”  The unit was sold separately (not only bundled with games and consoles), and used the extremely accessible USB port.  If that wasn’t enough motivation, … Continue reading