From Coding To Stories


What can you expect when going to a Transmedia event? If you answered a lot of smart people in a room talking about the future of storytelling and the tools that will take us there, then you’d be spot on. … Continue reading

Radical Creative Inclusion: Art in the Age of Information

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Today’s artists have an endless amount of collaborative tools at their disposal. It’s a networked world we live in, and the affect this has on creative projects is only getting more and more noticeable. To me, the most impressive thing … Continue reading

Indie Game: Alt-Minds


Ever thought it would be neat to live Michael Douglas’ character in The Game? Experience a live-action game that consumes your life without knowing the outcome of your actions have been predetermined? Well, French developer Lexis Numerique and Orange don’t … Continue reading

Who Is Erica Wexler And How Is She Still Online?


Who is Erica Wexler and how is she still online? by Michael Newton Despite its association with fancy internet tech, transmedia has a simple heart. All that you have to do to ‘transmediate’ your project is combine different mediums, and … Continue reading

GIRLS Missed Opportunity?

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Girls Missed Opportunity? by Michael Newton In the spirit of breaking stories last, I would like today to write about Girls, the much discussed, moderately watched HBO comedy about four young ladies livin’ and letting live in Brooklyn, NYC … Continue reading

Peter Donebauer and the Transmedia Line


Peter Donebauer (in his own words) and the Definition of Transmedia   Through the 60′s and 80′s there were a number of perplexing, challenging artists from whose work can be seen as leading-up to and helping make transmedia possible.  These artists … Continue reading

Watch Dogs: A Technocultural Future-Present Assassination Game

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Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs just might be the most exciting announced at what is turning out to be a pretty lackluster E3 this year. Check out the gameplay trailer below: Sure the whole thing kind devolves into a GrandTheftAuto-style shoot out … Continue reading

Contributor Tim Palma on JBTV

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Michael and I are in MoMA.  We’ve met to speak about our strategy and goals as new team members of JawboneTV, sharing and developing ideas and synthesizing an approach, both practically and theoretically.  We bought a single coffee to share … Continue reading

Transmedia: A Naive But Omnivorous Form


In one of the early talks at Tuesday’s Power to the Pixel Conference, Maureen McHugh, a writer who’s worked on high-profile transmedia campaigns including Halo’s I Love Bees, declared that, “transmedia is a naïve but omnivorous form.” Before I look … Continue reading

Power to the Pixel: The Cross-Media Forum: Oct 12-15, 2010


How do the new ways that audiences are accessing and interacting with media change the way that stories are told, delivered and shared? How can powerful new tools and applications enable content creators – writers, directors, producers -  to reach … Continue reading

Interview with Dan Light, Part III: The role for brands in transmedia

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(Source: In the last of our blog posts with Dan Light we’ve saved the trickiest questions for last. What, if any, are the roles for brands in these transmedia extensions of the narrative? Can it ever get … Continue reading

What’s Next for Interactive Cyberpunk Comic ”The Nawlz”?

nawlz_001_new catches up with series creator Sutu to find out what’s next for the interactive cyberpunk adventure. (You may also be interested in watching Sutu’s three-part overview tutorial video on the making of The Nawlz.) Since its debut last year, … Continue reading