Comparing The First TV Commercials By Facebook, Twitter, And Google


Now that these three tech titans have all made a TV Commercial, let’s compare them! All of these commercials are targeted at first-time users, so we’re going to try and watch and react to them from that point of view. … Continue reading

GIRLS Missed Opportunity?

Oh Lena

Girls Missed Opportunity? by Michael Newton In the spirit of breaking stories last, I would like today to write about Girls, the much discussed, moderately watched HBO comedy about four young ladies livin’ and letting live in Brooklyn, NYC … Continue reading

Microsoft’s XBOX SmartGlass: A second-screen app you’ll finally want to use


At the E3 conference on Monday, Microsoft announced a new application they’re developing to enhance your interaction with their console. It’s called XBOX SmartGlass and it’ll live on your phone or tablet (both iOS and Android). Watch the video above … Continue reading

Contributor Tim Palma on JBTV

Tim P

Michael and I are in MoMA.  We’ve met to speak about our strategy and goals as new team members of JawboneTV, sharing and developing ideas and synthesizing an approach, both practically and theoretically.  We bought a single coffee to share … Continue reading

UNCHARTED the Movies: A new way to experience games?

Uncharted Movie

What will these clever redditors come up with next? Morphinapg spent a month of his life recording and editing all three Uncharted games into a trilogy of movies, only including enough gameplay to maintain continuity and (to Naughty Dog’s credit) its damn … Continue reading takes a closer look at the upcoming ABC series FlashForward

3382_19544 takes a closer look at the upcoming ABC series FlashForward, based on a novel of the same name by science fiction writer Robert J. Sawyer, including an interview with the author who discusses having his work adapted into … Continue reading

Terri Timely’s ”Synesthesia” Looks Loud and Sounds Delicious


  Directorial duo Terri Timely (Ian Kibbey and Corey Creasey) discuss their absurdist short ”Synesthesia”. Music videos and commercials have long been considered something of a minor league testing ground for film directors, and with the elevation of artists like … Continue reading