Following the Rules at DONOTTOUCH.ORG

Smiley DoNotTouch

There’s an interesting social experiment happening over at Studio Moniker. It’s called DONOTTOUCH.ORG, and it is an interactive music video for Light Light where all your cursor actions are being recording and overlaid with other participants. So, how well do you follow instructions? … Continue reading

30 FLIGHTS OF LOVING: A Non-Exclusive Interview with the Digital Ghost of Brendon Chung


  If you haven’t played 30 Flights Of Loving, download it now its on Steam for Mac and PC, so you probably don’t have an excuse.  Yes it’s short (about 15 minutes), but yes it’s worth it.  Brendon Chung creator … Continue reading



Imagine an open-source console, not an open-source game or program, but an actual TV video game console (though techies could surely pull off something similar with a pc) that went mainstream. A cheap, reliable piece of hardware that runs on … Continue reading

Indie Game: Alt-Minds


Ever thought it would be neat to live Michael Douglas’ character in The Game? Experience a live-action game that consumes your life without knowing the outcome of your actions have been predetermined? Well, French developer Lexis Numerique and Orange don’t … Continue reading

Indie Game: Documentary Awesomeness

Indie Game: Fez :O

Stop whatever you’re doing (unless it’s driving) and watch Indie Game: The Movie…     I thought to leave the post at that. “Go watch this. There. Done. Writing’s fucking easy.” But I know you guys don’t trust me yet … Continue reading

Vessels’ Captivating Interactive Music Video: Helioscope


Just out from London-based studio Murmur, a new enigmatic interactive video titled Helioscope by Vessels (which can be found at  While there has been a growing trend of interactive videos this past year; Red Hot Chili Peppers, OK GO! … Continue reading

Microsoft’s XBOX SmartGlass: A second-screen app you’ll finally want to use


At the E3 conference on Monday, Microsoft announced a new application they’re developing to enhance your interaction with their console. It’s called XBOX SmartGlass and it’ll live on your phone or tablet (both iOS and Android). Watch the video above … Continue reading

Watch Dogs: A Technocultural Future-Present Assassination Game

Watch Dogs Image

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs just might be the most exciting announced at what is turning out to be a pretty lackluster E3 this year. Check out the gameplay trailer below: Sure the whole thing kind devolves into a GrandTheftAuto-style shoot out … Continue reading

CLOUDS Documentary: Beta Version


In our last post about the RGBDtoolkit, we promised we would be on the lookout for a video that takes advantage of the dreamy glitchy effect created by depth sensing cameras, we just got our first catch. It’s a documentary called Clouds … Continue reading

Kinecting the Dots…

Kinecting the Dots

When Microsoft launched the Kinect for the Xbox in 2010, they wanted it to be “hacked.”  The unit was sold separately (not only bundled with games and consoles), and used the extremely accessible USB port.  If that wasn’t enough motivation, … Continue reading

Starry Night with Petros Vrellis

Touch Featured

We are probably the last blog to be posting on this interactive version of Starry Night, it made its rounds on tech blogosphere many months ago. Well now it is available in the app store for the iPad 2, and an Android version … Continue reading

UNCHARTED the Movies: A new way to experience games?

Uncharted Movie

What will these clever redditors come up with next? Morphinapg spent a month of his life recording and editing all three Uncharted games into a trilogy of movies, only including enough gameplay to maintain continuity and (to Naughty Dog’s credit) its damn … Continue reading

Broken Bells ‘October’ Interactive Music Vid


We like to touch music. Touch for yourself at