Indie Game: Alt-Minds

Ever thought it would be neat to live Michael Douglas’ character in The Game? Experience a live-action game that consumes your life without knowing the outcome of your actions have been predetermined? Well, French developer Lexis Numerique and Orange don’t exactly provide that experience for you but rather a less immersive, real-life detective version with their upcoming transmedia game Alt-Minds.

With a yet to be determined release date, Alt-Minds puts you in the shoes of an investigator with the task of finding a group of five young scientists that mysteriously disappear in Ukraine. Since the game is considered transmedia, you can access it from all types of devices and screens – PC, mobile phones, and tablets. Interestingly enough, the main aspect of the game will be an app that visually resembles Facebook and other social media sites. By testing your investigative web skills, Alt-Minds will require you to make use of free online services such as Google Maps and real Facebook pages in order to track down fictional characters. If that doesn’t give you your CSI/stalker fix, you can also expect characters to text or even call your mobile phone at certain points during the game. Alt-Minds will consist of eight episodes released over eight weeks and will cost about $5 an episode subsequent to the first one (it’s free). Mark your calendars for an expected November release and don’t let this fresh indie game slip past your radar.