Indie Game: Documentary Awesomeness

Stop whatever you’re doing (unless it’s driving) and watch Indie Game: The Movie…



I thought to leave the post at that. “Go watch this. There. Done. Writing’s fucking easy.” But I know you guys don’t trust me yet to follow my orders just like that. (One day you will, and that will be the day I will conquer the world: doughnuts will be free and everyone will have to buy a copy of Psychonauts). I don’t want to mess around with what you expect of this documentary, so I’ll keep it brief. It’s on the development teams (sometimes made up of the grand sum of ONE GUY) behind Braid, Super Meat Boy and Fez. These games have changed a lot of things for the industry, and it’s nice to put faces on these games. It’s creating that relationship with the guys behind the game that makes for such a great rapport in the indie game community. After watching Indie Game you’ll see how a lot of these games are birthed more than they’re produced.

Sometimes personal things are turned into art. Not as an anecdote, far from it, but these people grab onto the things that make them screwed, and then make beauty, stories, and art out of that. If that doesn’t dropkick you in the guts, then I have no words for you.



Movie’s on Steam, appropriately. You can also buy it directly from them. I’m pretty sure you can stream it in some places, etc. If you need more convincing, check out the trailer.