Vessels’ Captivating Interactive Music Video: Helioscope

Just out from London-based studio Murmur, a new enigmatic interactive video titled Helioscope by Vessels (which can be found at  While there has been a growing trend of interactive videos this past year; Red Hot Chili Peppers, OK GO! and Arcade Fire.  Helioscope is darker and yet more playful, reminiscent of an older generation of computer games like Myst.

The directors of the project, Tim Harrison and Ian Pons Jewell, manage to bring together a smorgasbord of different elements from dance, to puppetry, to video-game interactivity.  As you move through the darkened world, you are seduced by what you can’t see and are encouraged to explore the limits of your ability to influence the environment.  The video is composed of over 250 layers and 50,000 lines of complied in Flash (as opposed to the slightly more fashionable HTML5).  The images were captured with a Canon 7D with over 100 hours of production, and was edited on and off over the course of 18 months.

Despite the enormous amounts of energy required to produce, I personally hope to see a continuing trend for interactive music videos, when done right they can really can make you feel a deeper connection to the sounds.  Plus, listening to music is such an intensely personal experience that it only makes sense to make the video personalized and interactive as well.

To see more work from the Murmur collective visit (check out the awesomeness of “I’m Excited” by DJ Shadow and the hilarious interactive short Adelphis)


We’ve just heard from Studio Murmur that the decision to use Flash over HTML5, was because of its limitation when it come to pixel manipulation and sound functions.  Also tablet and phone support was not an issue since theres too much processing power required.